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ZIRPEEK® Full Arch Dental Implant Hybrid

Restore Your Smile
Restore Your Confidence

ZIRPEEK® fixed full arch bridges boast an innovative four layer design which mimics our own anatomy, resulting in an authentic and durable prosthesis patients love. 

When you want a smile that lasts

Denise has been living in pain for years. One year ago she made the decision to change her life.

Listen to her rave over her ZIRPEEK® one year later. No breakages, no issues.

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ZIRPEEK® prosthesis


ZIRPEEK® was developed because the best that had been available was only “good enough” resulting in issues that plagued patients and dentists: off coloring, embarrassing sounds and uncomfortable jarring sensations, poor fit, speech impediments, hybrid breakages and more.

Forget just “good enough”, ZIRPEEK® is the next best thing to real teeth. Our engineering answers each of these issues with specifically selected materials that most closely resemble our anatomy. The four layer design brings it all together for a beautiful, comfortable, “unbreakable”, true-to-life wearing experience.

Master designers and highly skilled technicians digitally design and print ZIRPEEK®. Digitally designed and fabricated ensures a ideal fit eliminating the need for multiple return appointments.

fewer office visits

most like real teeth

made to last a lifetime

innovative design

ZIRPEEK® Materials

ZIRPEEK® is built with materials selected for their biocompatibility, strength, and longevity, but what makes ZIRPEEK® stand out is the materials are the most comparable to natural dentition and bone to work synchronously with your body.

titanium bar

A titanium bar spans the length of ZIRPEEK® creating a stable foundation. This additional support from within helps keep ZIRPEEK® prostheses from being overly rigid, a prime issue of hybrid breakages. 

  • Stable, sturdy foundation.
  • Full length bar provides even support throughout the arch, protecting implants.
  • Biocompatible, surgical grade.
  • Keeps the arch from being overly rigid the way full zirconia arches can be.
  • Strong.
  • Lightweight.

peek substructure

Of all of ZIRPEEK’s unique features, PEEK is what truly makes ZIRPEEK® stand out. PEEK’s bonelike qualities provides flex and cushion. High flexural strength handles tearing and chewing motions. Cushion means a comfortable, true-to-life wearing experience for patients. Most importantly, the PEEK substructure can absorb shock to implants up to 75%, protecting dental implants from failure. 

  • High performance polymer used in medical applications such as orthopedic surgeries and dentistry.
  • Outstanding biocompatibility and biostability.
  • Excellent handling of chewing and tearing motions.
  • Flexible – Properties similar to cortical bone. 
  • Lightweight – a ZIRPEEK® arch is 47% lighter than conventional monolithic zirconia arches.
  • Cushions the load – chewing load is distributed evenly.
  • Absorbs up to 75% shock to implants, protects implants from failure.
  • Withstands oral environment without issue – hydrophobic material.
  • Resistance of the influence of microorganisms. 
  • Keep the arch from being overly rigid, a prime issue with breakages.


Zirconia is the hardest material used in dentistry making it ideal to use in the fabrication of crowns. ZIRPEEK® fixed implant hybrids individually mills crowns for the most natural aesthetic. If a crown needs to be replaced or repaired for any reason, it’s simple to do without needing to remove the entire prosthesis.

  • Highest grade zirconia.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Natural depth and translucency.
  • Optimal aesthetics.
  • Biocompatible.
  • Individual crowns provide independent “flex”, aids in protecting dental implants.

nano zirconia filled resin

Nano zirconia filled resin is specially formulated to resist cracks, chips, and staining. 

  • Ideal, lifelike aesthetic.
  • High flexural strength.
  • Resists cracks and chips.
  • Excellent stain resistance.


Dr. Ricardo de Andrade@ricardo_de_andrade_dentista
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Excellent materials & Lab production with professionalism maximum!!
Dr. David Epstein@drdavidepstein
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Do it, you won't regret it!
Dr. AnnaLee Kruyer@vegassmile
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These teeth are so light! I wish everyone could feel the difference!​
Dr. David Epstein@drdavidepstein
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Thank you for your beautiful work and attention to detail. Every single arch has been so life like and beautiful not to mention half the weight of full arch zirconia.
Dr. Ricardo de Andrade@ricardo_de_andrade_dentista
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🙌 This is the best solution!
Dr. Ramin Moradi@moradisignaturesmiles
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Thanks for a great case! We couldn't be happier with the results!
Dr. David Epstein@drdavidepstein
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I can attest, best material hands down on the market!